Monday, June 2, 2014

7 Ways to Use Technology with Purpose

A newsletter I am subscribed to had some interesting questions worth sharing.  AJ Juliani asked the following:

Why are you using technology?
How are you using technology to better the learning in your classroom and/or school?

In order to make sure you are using technology correctly, you must ask yourself "Am I starting with why?"  If students understand the "why" for using technology, then class will have purpose and any glitches or issues with technology can be worked through.  Major problems arise if students don't understand the "why."

Listed below are 7 ways technology can be used with purpose in your classroom or on your campus:

1.  Collaboration in Real Time
2.  Reflection and Sharing
3.  Better Research
4.  Write and Re-Write
5.  Make Something (that matters)
6.  Keeping a Digital Record
7.  Mastery Assessments

Don't forget the "why" to your students!

Click HERE to visit the site for detailed descriptions of the ways to use technology with a purpose.  

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