Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Go Nuts for GoNoodle!

I am sure it is not news to teachers however, studies consistently demonstrate that physical activity is associated with improved academic achievement, academic behaviors, and cognitive skills. Lucky for us, one organization is committed to helping teachers take advantage of this benefit. Introducing GoNoodle....

GoNoodle is a website that provides short 'brain breaks' for every part of the school day. There are brain breaks that Calm, Energize, and Focus students. Each of the breaks are short and sweet so as not to monopolize or derail your instruction....and the BEST part....IT IS FREE! Teachers can register for a free account at

95% of teachers asked by GoNoodle claimed that using the site improved the academic performance of their class. You can read more about the results and findings at

Enjoy working out your noodle! 

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