Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Blendspace, formally known as Educanvas, is a FREE place on the web for students and teachers to organize and share information on the web, measure student understanding and track student progress in real time. It is absolutely FREE for a single teacher with unlimited number of classes with up to 35 students in a class. It will even hold up to 100 active lessons. It becomes even more powerful at the school level (still FREE) with unlimited hosting for all teachers and students and even admin accounts to help with implementation.

Getting Started with Blendspace

How do teachers use Blendspace

Flipping the classroom 
Easily find, add and share online content (videos, images, PDFs, Google docs). Students comment or take notes alongside content.
Student assignments 
Research assignments. Web quests. Presentations. Students use Blendspace to practice and demonstrate 21st century learner skills.
Differentiated lessons
Personalize student learning with different online materials and built-in assessment.

About Blendspace

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