Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Days of Techmas & #TechformersU!

What do you get when you combine a love of technology, fierce classroom teachers, and an easy way to connect? Techformers Unite! 

Andrea Keller, @akbusybee, ITS in Irving ISD, and all around techie rockstar is the brains behind the genius. She came up with the idea and posted about it on her blog:

"As educators (of any form or fashion) we are constantly saving the world through various challenges! Join the Techformers Unite team to boldly take on technology challenges that increases the use of these tools in your classroom. If you are ready to be a part of the Techformers Unite group, you just need to join our group and start attempting the various challenges! These challenges can be completely done by you, or you can do them with the students that you work with! Remember that any challenges you complete and post about need to comply with your schools/district rules for posting pictures/information. You are in charge of keeping up with what challenges you complete when you fill out the Google Form at the end of the month! On other social media? Share using #TechformersU

Our idea:
Create various challenges for each month that could be accomplished by teachers and even be carried over to the classroom. 
We started with the 12 days of Techmas

Thanks Cindy Wallace for the awesome logo!

For the month of December there will be 12 challenges.  You can find the challenges on the Weebly  and also on our Facebook Page  At the end of each month we will post a Google form where participants can post what challenges they completed that month (there might be prizes involved!)  The challenges do not have to be done in any certain order, but people can share their completed challenges by posting in the comments of the challenge on the Facebook page or sharing through social media using #techformersU.  You can also find our Twitter account atTekFormersUnite

Now, we are currently in an icemageddon going on in the DFW area, so I am sure that that might have some impact this weekend on how many challenges get done.  

The first challenge (posted this morning 12/9/13) ended up with over 70 wonderful word clouds that different people created over their favorite holiday song.  Not only that, but I hadn't even posted the full challenge and people were already posting their challenges. 
Are you up for the challenge? Find our group Techformers Unite and learn some new tools and tricks.  In the process you will also have a chance to meet some amazing people!  I am So excited to see where these challenges will take us!  I am even more excited that I am able to collaborate with even more people over things that I love.  Cindy Wallace wrote a great blog about our Techformers Unite Challenges here"

21st Century Teaching Resources

Have you ever experienced this?  You are browsing around on the Internet and come across a great list of ideas, perfect for your classroom and for your students.  You continue doing some research and realize that you forgot to bookmark that site that had everything you wanted in a “one-stop, one-shop” format, you click the back arrow repeatedly only to realize that you’ve closed all the windows except the one you are on and have lost the site.  It’s happened to all of us. 

I’ve come across such a site – a “Teacher’s Comprehensive List of Great Educational Resources” ranging from 21st Century Teaching Resources to a plethora of iPad Apps to integrate into your classroom and teaching.  Be sure and bookmark this site, it’s one worth visiting on a regular basis! 

Click 21st Century Teaching Resources to access this exceptional list of resources.

After you've browsed around, let us know which app or resources caught your attention and is one that you can't wait to integrate into your classroom!