Monday, December 9, 2013

21st Century Teaching Resources

Have you ever experienced this?  You are browsing around on the Internet and come across a great list of ideas, perfect for your classroom and for your students.  You continue doing some research and realize that you forgot to bookmark that site that had everything you wanted in a “one-stop, one-shop” format, you click the back arrow repeatedly only to realize that you’ve closed all the windows except the one you are on and have lost the site.  It’s happened to all of us. 

I’ve come across such a site – a “Teacher’s Comprehensive List of Great Educational Resources” ranging from 21st Century Teaching Resources to a plethora of iPad Apps to integrate into your classroom and teaching.  Be sure and bookmark this site, it’s one worth visiting on a regular basis! 

Click 21st Century Teaching Resources to access this exceptional list of resources.

After you've browsed around, let us know which app or resources caught your attention and is one that you can't wait to integrate into your classroom!  

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