Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Create & Grade Assignments with Google Forms

I know I post frequently about Google, and perhaps I should apologize for that. However, I'm not really sorry because Google just does some pretty cool things for teachers and students!
This week, I did a Flipped Classroom workshop with some teachers. They ranged from elementary up to high school. Since our our K-12 students all have Google accounts, I decided to focus on creating quizzes and assignments in Google Forms and how you can have them self-grade. The teachers all loved it. So, I thought I'd share it here.
If you have no clue what Google Forms are, check out this quick video summary.

To create a form from your Google Drive account:
  1. Click the red Create button, then Form.
  1. In the form template that opens, you can add any questions you'd like. You can also organize your form by adding headers and dividing your form into several pages.
  1. Should you need more help, check out this Google Support page:
Once you've shared your Form with students, parents, whomever, you can install a simple script Called Flubaroo in your responses spreadsheet.
  • From your Responses Spreadsheet, click Insert, and then Script.
  • In the window that appears, type Flubaroo in the search field.
  • Click Install. Then, authorize it by clicking Continue and then Accept.
Now that you've installed the Flubaroo Script, watch this brief demo of Flubaroo in action:

If you have any questions, please contact your campus technology integration specialist or facilitator. Don't know who that is? Ask your TIC or PTIC and they will :)

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