Monday, October 28, 2013

Have our classrooms changed that much?

Bloom's Taxonomy and Bloom's Revised Taxonomy are key tools for teachers and instructional designers.  With the advancements in Technology and many schools embracing Technology in their classrooms, Bloom's Digital Taxonomy was introduced.

Bloom's original premise that you can't apply knowledge and concepts if you don't understand them and learning continues to be a process. Better stated:  

  • Before we can understand a concept we have to remember it.
  • Before we can apply the concept we must understand it.
  • Before we can analyze it we must be able to apply it.
  • Before we can evaluate its impact we must have analyzed it.
  • Before we can create we must have remembered, understood, applied, analyzed, and evaluated.  

As we've moved into the 20th century and embraced technology, also known as Web 2.0 tools, the resources available to teachers have moved from ancillaries associated with textbook to websites and now apps to take advantage of the mobile devices available to students and teachers.  Technology has replaced worksheets as students now demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of concepts by creating and producing products.    

How do you determine how a website or an app can be used to address Bloom’s Taxonomy?  The list of sites and apps is lengthy and ever changing.  To assist with this vast amount of information, I will share a number of sites that I found useful in determining which website or app best fits with Bloom’s new Digital Taxonomy. 

Where do you find sites and or apps to address each of these new verbs?  Through a bit of research, I found a number of sites that do an excellent job of identifying websites and apps that address each of the individual categories.  The information shared below is only a small sampling of what is available to help determine what website or app will help address the learning for students.  Explore and bookmark those sites and apps which best address the needs of your students. We would enjoy hearing from you as you explore the numerous sites listed and let us know what you found to be the most beneficial for you and your students.

To access a snapshot of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy for Apps, click HERE

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy for Websites 

The Blooms Digital Taxonomy Quicksheets are resources created as a quick and easy summary of the six different taxonomic levels of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy.  They define the different taxonomic levels, provide the Digital Taxonomy verbs with some possibilities for classroom use.  To access and download these resources, click HERE

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