Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Google Drive as a Feedback Tool

Since all of our students, K-12, have a GISD Google Drive account, I wanted to share an idea of how to incorporate this into your instruction. 

If you have no idea what Google Drive is, check out this brief video for an introduction:

While Google drive boasts a ton of useful tools, I want to focus now on using it to give your students feedback on their writing. Writing is a huge focus for our District this year and I can't think of a more useful tech tool to make this easier and effective for your students.

Google Docs is the Microsoft Word of the Google Products Suite. It is not as robust as Word or Apple's Pages, but that really makes it much easier for our kids to use! That being said, Google has still provided plenty of word processing features such as margins, formatting, inserting media and text, etc.

Your students simply need to log in using their GISD account info. For elementary students, their log in is and their password is their ID number. For secondary students, it's with nPin as their password.

Once they're in, they simply need to click 'Create' and choose 'Document.'

Once they do this, a word processor will appear and they can type normally. Google saves their progress automatically, so there is no need for them to even click 'save.' In fact, there is no save button!

Students will click 'Share' in the top right corner and share their live document with you, the teacher! Be sure the students choose the "can edit" option when giving you sharing rights.

Here's where the feedback comes in. Instead of emailing documents back and forth or you carrying home piles of papers to mark up and pass out again, the teacher logs in to his or her Google Drive account and finds the student's document that was shared with them. From here, the teacher can make live comments or corrections to the student's document!

To add a comment, just highlight a portion of text and click the Comment button. You can then type as much or as little as you like. The student will see the comment the next time he or she logs in and can make adjustments. Or, they could comment you back and a discussion begins! Giving feedback has never been easier.

Once the document is finished, it's easy to download into Microsoft Word by selecting File/Download As/Word or to simply click File/Print.

I really think this time saving productivity tool can revolutionize the feedback process! Let us know if we can help you.

Hope everyone had a great Fair Day :)

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