Friday, September 20, 2013

Embracing Mobile Learning

Embracing Mobile Learning

Imagine this – You walk up and see a child sitting outside the school waiting for their ride.  She is so engrossed with her cellphone that she doesn’t even look up to see that mom is pulling up.  The following conversation unfolds:

Teacher:  Hey, you better look up.  Mom is coming around the corner, and she is not going to be happy to have to honk her horn and compete with a phone.

Student:  Just a sec.  I’m almost done with my assignment.

Teacher:  Assignment!  You’re on your phone.  What kind of assignment is on your phone?

Student:  ELA.  I have to post 5 examples of conflict and state whether they are major or minor.

Teacher:  Wait, how are doing that on your phone?

Student:  Edmodo.  Got the app.  It’s free.  You should try it with your classes.

Think this is fiction?  No, for Mrs. Cristales’s students at Sellers University this conversation has unfolded.  Parents have also reported that their teenagers sitting on the couch at home are in fact doing homework on their phone! 

Edmodo ( is a free web resource that allows teachers to create online groups for their classes to have discussions, assignments, resources, and lessons 24/7.  If you are wanting to know more, please inquire about training.

Edmodo Campus-Wide Professional Learning

Two campuses:  South Garland HS and Sellers University have both embraced Edmodo as a campus-wide professional collaboration tool.  Teachers submit their lesson plans online where others can view it and reflect in a supportive group.  Administrators can see the lesson plans on their Ipads as they do CWTs.  Each department has a group where they can conduct online meetings, distribute information, and submit documentation while saving trees and money at the same time!

Let us know what great things your campuses are doing.  

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