Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do You Dojo?

There is some very exciting news for all you Dojoers out there.....Class Dojo has created a YouTube channel that hosts 21 different videos that will walk you through everything that you could possibly want to know about using Class Dojo.

If you have never heard of Class Dojo, you might think I am talking a different language right now. However after you watch this (from the handy dandy Dojo YouTube channel), it will become a little more clear.

Or maybe you are an experienced Dojoer, and want to know how to import behaviors from another class. They have one for that, too!

I HIGHLY encourage you to check out the Class Dojo YouTube channel as you begin setting expectations with your students for this school year. Class Dojo is an excellent way to encourage and promote positive character traits within your classroom.