Friday, February 1, 2013

Tech for All!

This past week I had the opportunity to help spread the tech love to some secondary teachers by sharing some technology integration ideas. We had two full days: one with middle school teachers, and one with high school teachers. We had so much fun learning new, exciting ways to integrate technology into the secondary world. Some of the resources might be familiar to all of our elementary folks however, I want to share some of the unique resources that were shown. You just might find some use for it at home or in the classroom as well. 

Animoto - 

  • use the free app for on-the-go videos!
  • spice up your videos with copyright free music from 
  • make sure you have applied for the 'Educator' account for extra perks
Prezi -

  • pull in existing PPTs to animate your presentation
  • link directly to YouTube videos on your topics to create richer multimedia shows

Desmos -

  • great use for students who do not have graphing calculators at home
  • use for enrichment and extensions of lessons

Interactive Periodic Table -

  • see history, alchemy, and more information on EVERY element in the periodic table
  • utilize the videos on the origin of each element

TumblebookCloud -

  • enjoy higher-level reading
  • variety of e-books, read-alongs, graphic novels, videos, and audio books that appeal to older students
  • most selections are mobile device compatible

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