Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Spy a COW in the classroom!

No, not this kind of COW...

The kind of COW (computers on wheels) that allows teachers and students to go beyond the boundaries of the classroom and explore while learning. This is what this COW looked like...

5th graders at Davis Elementary were using laptops with their math lesson in Mrs. Hodgkins class. Each student was able to log into his/her account on EnVision (our digital math textbook) and review the math topic of the day, practice guided and independent problems, and then reinforce their understanding with the accompanying activity. While each student was working hard solving these problems at their own pace, the teacher was able to work with students one-on-one for further help. The combination of technology and pedagogy during this lesson allowed for authentic differentiated learning in math. KUDOS Mrs. Hodgkins!! 

COWs are an excellent tool to use in the classroom. Here are some other ideas on ways that you can use laptops in the classroom:

  • use with Britannica Online for research
  • allow students to work on Tech Apps Projects from the curriculum
  • practice skills using the TEKS correlated Symbaloos
  • student-creation & publishing
  • Web 2.0 tools like Voki or Blabberize
  • district resources like Tumblebooks or EnVision as seen above
Are you ready to go beyond the walls of the classroom with a COW in your classroom? I can help! Please let me know if you would like help setting up, getting going, or teaching a lesson with laptops and your students. I would be happy to help!

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